Torrington Public Schools studied multiple options to address the failing building, including the following:

Maintaining the Existing Facility        

while replacing elements that have deteriorated or passed useful life expectancy.

Additions and Renovations                    

as needed to support the educational needs as well as accommodate 7th and 8th grade students on campus. This process studied the complete transformation of the building and replacement of systems that have deteriorated or passed their useful  life expectancy.

The comprehensive study showed that designing a new school to accommodate today’s programs is more cost efficient than working within the confines of an existing structure. A new building will accommodate all required program areas and be “right sized” to fit within State of Connecticut guidelines for reimbursement. The addition/renovation concept utilizing the existing building exceeded the allowable building area for reimbursement. The State of Connecticut provides different reimbursement rates for renovations, additions and renovations, and new construction, so the impact of the reimbursement rate was also a factor in determining the most cost efficient option for Torrington. Additionally, the construction of a new school causes limited disruption to student learning, while additions and renovations would create significant disruption to student learning. 


The new facility will include flexible classroom spaces for project-based, collaborative learning. It will be designed to enhance interdisciplinary and Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) curriculum. Operational improvements will include sustainable design features, upgraded security features, modern technology and improved athletic fields on the campus.


$159.6 MILLION




$ 74.6 MILLION

Adult Students

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